Venturi & Recovery

Venturi Masks: a type of disposable face mask used to deliver a controlled oxygen concentration to a patient. The flow of 100 per cent oxygen through the mask draws in a controlled amount of room air (21 per cent oxygen). Commonly available masks deliver 24, 28, 31, 35, or 40 per cent oxygen. At concentrations above 24 per cent, humidification may be required. Called also venturi. We offer a range of venturi valves available individually or in kits which are color coded for easy identification. Utilization of the latest manufacturing technology has enabled us to combine two non-PVC materials in the same mask providing a mask design that offers improved patient comfort and which is more environmentally friendly.

Venturi & Recovery T-piece: The Tru-Flow Venturi is an accurate yet comfortable mask for use with both adults and children. The Tru-Flow Venturi Mask is specially designed to aid patient comfort and the Safety Reservoir Tube ensures that the Oxygen flow remains at the required amount for the patient. The Safety Reservoir Tube also acts as a diffuser; this ensures a gentle air flow which results in increased patient comfort. The Mask is designed to fit all nose bridges and can be easily adjusted by the patient or carer.