Pain Control

Disposable Infusion Pump: for clinical pain-easing treatment, single use. It uses the flexibility of the silicone reservoir to allow for a constant minimal drop control through the capillary catheter, guarantee a safe efficient continuous pain-easing infusion. Used for continuous minimal infusion during clinical treatment.

Steerable Epidural Catheter: this is used to decompress spinal nerves and lastingly alleviate the pain associated with acute and chronic spine disorders. it has the control handle to steer and target with precision through the spinal canal for precise treatment of pathology. this is a medical device which is made for injecting medicine to the suspect spot of epidural space. the medicine reduces inflammation and pain and is introduced directly onto the spot of injury. st. reed plus is an infusion device for Percutaneous Epidural Neuroplasty. st. reed plus is composed of a steerable catheter, introducer/needle/stylet