Other Appliances

Test Lung: The Linear Test Lung (LTL) is a portable test lung that produces a linear compliance curve and realistic inflection points throughout a range of settings.  It performs more like a real patient than other bag-style lungs, maintaining a smooth response to progressive inflation, without any “hiccups” due to bulging-out of the bag.

Nasal Oxygen Cannula: Nasal cannula provides a way to maintain adequate oxygen saturation for those special high flow patients without using a mask. It increases patient comfort by allowing the patient to eat, drink, talk and take oral medications including nebulizer treatments without assistance. End result can be a reduction in care giving costs. Performance, comfort and long term wearability of this cannula virtually eliminates the need for masks to deliver high flow oxygen (up to 15 LPM). Sizes are available in adult, pediatric, infant and neonate.

Capno Sampling Cannula: Capnography is undertaken by the two-in-one nasal cannula. It carries out pressure-monitoring, along with CO2 sampling. Color-coded tubing accounts for differentiation, for preventing misconnection. The latex-free and soft material offers greater relaxation and versatility, besides reducing irritation of skin. Kinking and tangling are eliminated, owing to designs of star lumen and twin tubing. Condensation and humidity is restricted from entering the equipment, owing to hydrophobic filter, thereby preventing infection and damage.

Disposable Laryngoscope: This professional set consists of 4 high-quality LED disposable laryngoscopes in the four most common sizes. The disposable laryngoscopes are made of unbreakable plastic, provide particularly bright LED lighting and are individually sterile packed. Thanks to the anti-skid handgrip, the laryngoscopes are safe to handle. Disposable laryngoscopes are immediately ready to use, prevent the occurrence of cross-contaminations, and cause no recurring costs for cleaning and disinfection.