Anesthesia Mask: We offer three distinct lines of anesthesia face masks that come in various styles and features. all Our face masks are single use, helping you economically control cross-contamination. Our full range of sizes accommodate ages from small infants to large adults. Our newest line of face masks features color-coded prong rings and top valves in a lightweight, clear design.

Nebulizer Masks: adult sized mask is made of silicon. this mask can be attached to most standard nebulizer kits. This mask is reusable but should only be hand washed.

Oxygen Masks: Under-the-chin design for excellent fit on wide range of face sizes. Oxygen mask is transparent, clear, soft PVC for patient comfort and visual assessment. Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit (mask without nose clip is also available). Complete with 7-ft. oxygen supply tubing.

SIL-FLEX Masks: The all-in-one Sil-Flex Silicone Mask offers a soft cushion for better comfort. Its ergonomic shape includes lower dead space and improved air circulation. Whenever a mask needs to be sterilized, an autoclave with a temperature of up to 134 degrees C does the job well. There are convenient plastic ribs (22F) available for dethatching and attaching the headgear. To reduce skin irritation, the masks are bio-compatible and feature latex-free material.

RENDELL Masks: A range of latex free silicone anatomical shaped masks designed in accordance with Rendell Baker specifications. These are ideal for paediatric use, as a gas tight seal can be achieved with only minimal pressure. The masks have the advantage of a low deadspace and can be steam sterilised up to temperatures of 137 degrees C.

CPAP Full Face Masks: The Full Face CPAP Mask provides the highest standards in comfort, quietness, and efficiency through the use of multiple innovative features. Full Face CPAP mask has proven to be the most popular full face CPAP mask on the market today. The new MicroFit dial allows the patient to find the exact fit, preventing leaks and boosting comfort while relieving pressure on the bridge of the nose. Headgear clips allow you to conveniently remove the mask without interfering with settings eliminating the need to constantly adjust the mask.