Laryngeal Masks

Laryngeal Mask: Our laryngeal mask is designed to form a low-pressure seal around the laryngeal inlet and provide a secure airway suitable for spontaneous, assisted or controlled ventilation during routine and emergency anesthetic procedures. Our clinician-inspired laryngeal mask is a solution from one of the most trusted names in the industry. The original anatomical curve is pre-formed to follow the anatomy of the human airway, and the soft rounded curve of the masks ensures rapid placement and guarantees long-term performance. Advantages included: increased speed and ease of placement by inexperienced personnel; increased speed of placement by anaesthetists; improved haemodynamic stability at induction and during emergence; minimal increase in intraocular pressure following insertion; reduced anaesthetic requirements for airway tolerance; lower frequency of coughing during emergence; improved oxygen saturation during emergence; and lower incidence of sore throat in adults.