Infant Breathing Appliances

Humidification Chamber: there are three humidification chambers: Auto Fill, Manual Fill and Low Volume designed for use with humidifier bases normally found within the intensive care areas. These are sometimes referred to as water bath humidifiers and are commonly used with a heated wire breathing system.

Neonatal Heated Wire Circuit: heated breathing circuits for mechanically ventilated patients are an essential component in today’s intensive care environment. Choosing the right breathing circuit system can support therapy success.

NCPAP Nasal Kit: the NCPAP nasal cannula is available in four configurations. Each NCPAP Nasal Kit includes silicone nasal cannula, color-coded inspiratory and expiratory tube, built-in pressure monitoring line, and tube holder. The NCPAP Nasal Kit with Circuit is an extended version that includes standard breathing circuit or heated wire circuit.