Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter: Our finger pulse oximetry device is durable and will provide accurate simple measurements for your patients as well as your therapists. Engineered with a lightweight and compact design, the Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter is simple to use. Despite the small size of this fingertip pulse oximeter the unit is very durable and will provide accurate simple measurements. This unit is great for patient use or athelete use. One very cool thing about this 2 color fingertip pulse oximeter is the ability of the screeen to flip as you are looking at it! NO MORE READING YOUR PULSE OXIMETER UPSIDE DOWN. Easy operation for instant real-time spot checks. Simply push the botton to turn the finger pulse oximter on. The Roscoe RMI-POX2D Finger Pulse Oximeter feaatures Large, easy-to-read, two color LED screen with adjustable brightness. fingertip pulse oximeter and a hang string so you can wear the unit around your neck. Two AAA Batteries are included in your finger pulse oximetry package so you can use your pulse oximeter immediately. Saves battery life by turning off the unit if no finger is detected in the device for more than 8 seconds Oxygen saturation rate of 70% to 99% and a pulse rate range of 30-235 BPM.
We have sold many Roscoe pulse oximeters to private homes, as well as Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Doctors Offices. This particular unit is a favorite of our Respiratory Therapists when visiting patients for it’s compact size, durability, value and ease of use.