Anti Bacterial/Viral Filters: Dedicated to the quality, committed to enhancing patient care Altera provides you with simple, cost effective, secure solutions and the best filtration efficiency for your respiratory patient. To help you minimize filtration challenges, we offer a comprehensive line of high-performance breathing filters. Each filter provides its own unique advantages to maximize the clinical outcomes for filtration when used with multiple ventilator applications, such as noninvasive, invasive or anesthesia procedures. Our filters may help reduce the risk of possible hospital- or ventilator-acquired patient infections and may help create a safer environment for the caregiver by minimizing bacterial and viral particle penetration. High-Filtration Efficiency Without Sacrificing Resistance Protect your patient and your testing instruments with Our Pulmonary Function Filter. Our filters provides a high degree of protection for the patient as well as your testing equipment, while its low resistance allows for accurate testing results.

HME Filters: Sterile  breathing filters is designed for use in breathing systems in the operating theatre and the intensive care unit for the protection of the patient, breathing system and equipment. The Intersurgical breathing filters provide an effective barrier against the passage of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Corona viruses (MERS CoV) in respiratory breathing systems. A dedicated range of heat and moisture exchangers designed to replicate the functions of the body’s upper airway by conserving expired heat and moisture and returning these to the patient during inhalation.