ES Other Accessories

Bipolar Forceps: Precision crafted of the highest grade stainless steel and titanium, these quality surgical forceps are designed to provide superior control, safety, and surgical efficacy at minimum output power settings. foot switching titanium bipolar forceps are the preferred lightweight insulated forceps, especially for long, fatiguing procedures. foot switching stainless steel bipolar forceps provide the degree of precision and safety vital to bipolar electrosurgery.

Grounding pad cables: the cable that connects the patient electrode/gorunding pad to the diathermy machine. Works with metal/rubber and disposable plates.

ESU electrods: Electrosurgical pencil tips for hand and foot control styles, disposable or resusable, and they are commonly used for Orthopedic, Abdominal, Ent, Neurosurgery, Microsurgery, Anorectal, Urology, Burns.