ECG Clamps & Suction

ECG Clamps: The ECG clamp electrodes pack contains four reusable clamp electrodes which can be attached to wrists or ankles. The electrode is 3 x 8 cm providing a 24 cm2 area to maximize contact. The ECG clamp electrodes connect to any Bio Amp Cable with snap-connect Lead Wires and are used with the Electrode Cream. Upper plate clipper knob connector electro plate under plate nut. Our Electrodes are accessories for the electrocardiogram, and used in most cardiogram equipment. It can connect to a straight jack, banana jack, and button connector. The clips are made with a special material for increased elasticity. This product is applicable to all patients (Adult & Pediatric) Ag & AgCl & Ni.

ECG Suction: ECG Suction are accessories for Electrocardiograms. Our ECG suctions are suitable for all varieties of ECG cables and lead wires. They can be connected to straight jacks, banana jacks, and snaps. Bowl type hardware plated with Ag & AgCl ensures accuracy and smooth transmission of electrocardiograph signal. These electrodes are safe and suitable for use with the body. Exploratory ECG suction electrodes (30 mm diameter) are supplied in a set of Five. Connect to any Bio Amp Cable using snap-on Lead Wires. These electrodes provide good contact and low noise, and are ideal for student use.