Breathing Bags are the devices finding application that temporarily assist patients to breathe. These Anesthesia Bags bags are used with face mask that is placed over patient’s mouth and nose and is connected to oxygen source for providing complete breathing ease. These bags are squeezed and this leads to oxygen being pushed into patient’s lungs. Being comfortable in usage, these feature thin, durable designs and can be made available in different finish sizes to pick from to fit patient’s specific needs.  Further, the hourglass-shaped breathing bag also helps in reducing the fatigue of the hands as well as also provide firm grip to the hands. The tree-pleat design also offers a better fit over patient’s face.  The range offered by us under this includes Breathing Bag (Size 0.5 Ltr.), Breathing Bag (Size 1.0 Ltr.), Breathing Bag (Size 1.5 Ltr.), Breathing Bag (Size 2.0 Ltr.) and Breathing Bag (Size 3.0 Ltr.).